AgilQuest Releases Cloud-Based Workplace Scheduling System for Finding, Reserving, Even Sharing Workspace

Brandon Martin

Agilquest SaaS Product PlatformDecember 7, 2017 – Richmond, VA  Workplace reservation software maker, AgilQuest, announces agilquest SaaS, the first of its kind to completely remove real estate as a barrier to work by allowing people to find a place to work both inside the organization’s portfolio as well as out, and allows organizations to easily share space among their employees as well as to the business partners, clients and the public.

For any size organization, agilquest SaaS operates as a closed network of reservable workspaces, meeting areas and other workplace services and resources, such as catering and parking spaces. Employees are free to schedule the resources they need to be productive, and the organization collects utilization data to make informed real estate decisions.

As counter balance to its core workspace scheduling functionality, agilquest SaaS encourages space owners or landlords to join as a provider and make their resources available for reservations by internal employees as well as customers, prospects, and others they may want to invite into their workplace. This unique functionality is the first step on the roadmap to a completely public forum.

“We built agilquest SaaS to provide access to more organizations that want to optimize their space for the modern workplace, and offer choice for their employees regardless of size or the internal IT capacity needed to install and run an enterprise-level workplace management tool,” says AgilQuest CEO John Vivadelli. “It is also a great solution for publishing underutilized space to people outside of their organization, potentially opening up new revenue streams and opportunities to collaborate with clients, prospects and top talent.”

With a clean, image-rich and intuitive design that requires no training to use, the SaaS platform allows people to choose workplaces and collaboration space whenever and wherever they need it. The responsive design and cloud-based technology promises the same functionality and user experience across any device and operating system.

A built-in and customizable analytics platform, agilquest Analytics, translates reservation data into easy-to-understand answers about how people are using space. Upon logging in to the system, a personalized dashboard of pre-built widgets and data visualizations illustrate how the user or users are utilizing the space. All without any installation, IT-support or ongoing upgrades.

Pricing for the new platform is pay-per-reservation, which makes the product approachable by organizations and the private user. Some organizations may even find the platform useful as an add-on to their existing workplace management system for leasing or managing a group of meeting rooms or other unused, excess space.

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