Software Advice Features AgilQuest in Hoteling Article

June 14, 2016

Software Advice, a Gartner company that reviews thousands of software applications to help companies find the right software solutions, recently featured AgilQuest extensively in an article on the practice of hoteling.

In the report, "How to Use Office Hoteling to Reduce Facility Costs," researcher Taylor Short outlines the many benefits of introducing hoteling to the workplace including reducing real estate costs and attracting top talent.

The article is supported with several quotes from AgilQuest's vice president of product management, Torrance Houlihan and director of marketing, Doug Lucy, as well as a brief overview of AgilQuest's role in the workplace transformation at Customs and Border Protection.

Earlier in the year, Software Advice published "The Office Space Planning Guide for Facilities Managers," a planning guide for facility managers concerned with how space can drive efficiency for people. In researching for the piece, Software-Advice became familiar with AgilQuest's workplace solutions, which led to the profile report on office hoteling.

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