Forum Winter '18 Release

February 28, 2018

The Agilquest Forum development team announces a host of new and essential features rolling out for Winter 2018! As with all AgilQuest products, updates to the Forum are developed based on direct feedback from our users. Agilquest Forum users will receive the 2018 Winter Release upgrade automatically and with no additional charges.  Here are just some of the enhancements expected in the this release.

Floor Plans

One of the major updates to the Forum includes the ability to upload floor plans and identify asset locations, that will display throughout the application anytime a user is making or managing a reservation. This is helpful in allowing users to see exactly when assets are available, and where they're located in the building.

Back-to-Back Booking Control

Forum admins can now also configure necessary gap times between reservations made by the same user. This feature eliminates overuse of space by users booking back-to-back appointments, preventing other users from utilizing the room.

Windows Digital Signage Integration

A new Windows-based Digital Signage App for Windows Tablets means digital signage can be installed next to any asset, allowing users to see whether the asset is available and to make and manage reservations on the asset.  The ease of access and functionality naturally increases user adoption of the system, which leads to more accurate utilization data.

Download a comprehensive list of updates and features in the upcoming Agilquest Forum Winter Release.

 Contact the Agilquest Forum team to set up a free trial and see all of the improvements in the 2018 Winter Release!

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