Overcoming Obstacles to Optimize Your Workplace

November 15, 2017 Brandon Martin

Working professionals and organizations of all sizes and industries face many of the same headaches that can slow productivity and increase costs.

AgilQuest’s cloud-based, SaaS platform, Agilquest SaaS aims to solve those common space issues by bringing enterprise-level solutions to any size organization.


Surprisingly, you don’t actually need as many seats as employees to ensure your people have enough space and resources to be productive and engaged. In fact, as much as 60% of the workforce isn’t consistently coming into the office on a given day.

With a reliable reservation system like Agilquest SaaS, employees can log on with any device to find workspaces available in their organization.

The built-in Agilquest Analytics collects reservation data and presents space usage in a customizable dashboard so that space owners and managers know exactly how their space is being used. Big Data is simplified so that organizations can make informed real estate decisions

Meeting Room Management

It would be near impossible to find an office employee that hasn’t either walked into a meeting in progress, had someone walk into their meeting in progress, or simply cannot find a place to meet and collaborate, especially for those quick, unscheduled meetings or collaboration sessions. Even organizations that have systems and strategies in place for scheduling meetings often run into double bookings, etc.

The answer doesn’t always have to be more space. Organizations can save time and tremendous amounts of money just by managing available space better. A reliable workplace scheduling software with the ability to customize business rules prevents double-bookings and other hassles that can slow productivity in the workplace.

No matter what size your organization, AgilQuest has the right software to optimize your workplace so that your employees can choose the space and resources they need to better engage with their work.

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