Enhanced Security and Performance with OnBoard 6.0 Release

February 28, 2018 Brandon Martin

The coming release of OnBoard 6.0 includes a powerful new set of features and performance updates to advance user experience and enhance security. Now running on the new WildFly 11 application server release, OnBoard 6.0 promises to be the most powerful version yet of AgilQuest’s renowned
enterprise-level workplace resource management tool.

WildFly 11 Enhancements

OnBoard handles reservations for millions of users daily, and by making use of the updated WildFly application server, the next release promises to be the fastest and most secure version of the renowned workplace reservation system to date. By operating on a clustered computer network that powers the system, OnBoard 6.0 will offer increased speed and smooth operation that translates into other system features as well.

Transport Layer Security provides enhanced cryptographic protocols for communication between multiple computer applications. OnBoard 6.0 will operate with the most up-to-date and secure encryption available, keeping organizational data safe across the entire application.

Office 365/Microsoft Exchange Integration

OnBoard 6.0 will support Office 365 and full two-way Microsoft Exchange Integration, meaning reservations can be made, modified and cancelled in either OnBoard or Exchange server applications and remain completely in-sync.

Google Calendaring Support

With OnBoard 6.0, users can synchronize reservations and resource booking events with Google’s popular calendaring apps, creating the largest array of calendaring options for enterprise-level workplace scheduling software.

New Digital Signage Options

OnBoard functions seamlessly with any Windows-based hardware device, which provides the widest array of digital signage options. With the 6.0 release, OnBoard will support external LED’s, creating even more options for sharing of information related to room availability and wayfinding. AgilQuest partners with several leading digital signage providers like ASI, Crestron and Steelcase, as well as supporting iOS-based devises for digital signage.

Download the full OnBoard 6.0 Product Update Information.

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