Publisher Offers Flexible Work and Collaborative Space & Cut Square Footage in Half

Emily Koth

A large-scale publisher of several magazines needed to reduce space while accommodating employees who needed temporary workspaces that fit the flexible and collaborative work environment of the company. With the help of AgilQuest technologies, the company generated a 50% reduction in real estate square footage and a savings of $10 million per year without losing a single employee.


As the publisher of several large magazines, this organization’s success depends on the innovation, speed and collaboration of thousands of staff including full time, part-time, contracted and temporary (i.e. interns, short-term writers, etc). With such a range of employees, however, it became difficult to accurately understand the amount of space needed as well as the kinds of workspace needed to encourage productivity without breaking the budget with wasted space.


The publisher installed the OnBoard Workplace Management System to offer an easy way for employees and contractors to find and reserve space for when they would be in the office. AgilQuest’s implementation and training team helped make the transition smooth for employees by providing them with two weeks of full end-user support. AgilQuest understood the need for these employees to quickly acclimate to the new workplace while keeping on task and not losing productivity while learning to use the new system.


The publisher succeeded in reaching their goals to not only reduce real estate and save money, but to make the shift from a more traditional work environment to one that meets the needs for a more flexible workforce. The company implemented this program in its new headquarters to support the same number of people in HALF the real estate, resulting in $10MM a year savings, all while improving the management of collaboration space.

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