Announcing Commander BI 3.1

September 17, 2017 Stephanie Venegas

Announcing Commander BI 3.1

It’s one thing to offer your people freedom and flexibility in the workplace by allowing them to quickly and easily select the best place to work when they are in the office, but without measuring how that space is being used on a consistent basis, your organization is missing out on a tremendous opportunity to save money and retain top talent.

By informing critical real estate and workplace design decisions with utilization data that paints a portrait of exactly how your employees are using the space, you can make the right decisions for how to design your space, and in many cases reduce it.

The newly revitalized Commander BI 3.1 gives you a clear, daily snapshot of your utilization and presents that data with a wide range of customizable widgets. At a glance you can answer important business intelligence questions:

  • Where are people working the most?
  • What space is or isn’t popular and more importantly, why?
  • What spaces are working for collaboration?

New Features

Commander BI 3.1 introduces a host of new, pre-built widgets that, at-a-glance, immediately provide:

  • Worker-to-Workspace Ratio
  • Total Users Making New Reservations
  • Total Check-ins, Check-Outs and Bumps
  • New Reservations, including data on when and how they're being made
  • Extensive Data on Resources, Facilities and People

The new version also introduces a new approach to analyzing data and producing answers with improvements to our core workplace analytics platform, and the introduction of completely new capabilities. The Self-Service module allows users to generate custom reports and easily share them with other users. The Discovery module gives users a fun, new approach to analyzing data by creating new, customized, drag-and-drop visualizations.

One of the most exciting developments is DataHub, which allows users to cache data in memory, which allows the Self-Service and Discovery modules, and all other dashboards to run exceptionally fast.

These new modules are available to all customers, but they are priced separately to give everyone the flexibility to choose the ones most impactful to your organization.

AgilQuest recently released a video in which Commander BI’s chief architect sat down to discuss some of the top level features and lead us through an overview of the look and feel of the product. You can view the video as well as download a full list of available reports & widgets by visiting,

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