Hire Millennials, Reap Double the Rewards

November 30, 2015

Want to save money on office space? Hire millennials--they’ll work from anywhere.

An article by Sarah Fister Gale for Workforce magazine lays out the deal for companies that want to tap into the millennial workforce. They have a strong need to work remotely--work from anywhere, really--and are attracted to employers that offer remote working as an alternative.

The payoff for employers is two-fold: You’re hiring smart young professionals who never stop checking their mobile devices, and you don’t need to set aside space in an office for them.

To dig deeper into your planning needs as you integrate millennials into your team, start with contacting AgilQuest. Our job is to make your workspace as efficient as possible. We offer solutions that allow you to accommodate the workspace needs of all your workers--and reap huge savings as you strategically downsize without cutting staff.

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